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Learning should be interesting to children

Nurturing Programmes

Whether your child is in primary school or secondary school, we have vested interest to help them improve their academic grades

Thinking In Your Best Interest

With years of success as private tutors, we realized the most effective way to help students improve grades is making learning fun

Unwrap Your Thoughts Box

Ready to help your child to love learning and learning effectively? Or still having doubts on how their grade can be better improve?

How we Do It?

The box Framework

Studying Techniques

"Greater Recall" and "Memorization Work". Our two effective techniques will help your child to improve learning and remember information better.

Higher-Order Thinking

We teach your child to learn skills on tackling higher-order questions in school. We help to improve understanding and NOT just memorizing facts.

Spacing Concepts

Cramming all topics together will not help your child in learning. We have a space system to strategically spread concepts across our lessons.

Guidance and Feedback

Your child will gain the utmost attention from our tutors. We purposefully limit the number of students in class so that we can work closely to help each student.

Especially For Parents With Primary and Secondary School Children

Revealing Thoughts Box FREE Trial Class Offer To Preview Our Tested and Proven “Box Framework” That Can Help Your Child To Improve, Score Better And Get A Headstart in 2019 Just Like Other 320+ Parents and Students!


(For English, Maths, Science And Chinese Classes)