Why We Do What We Do?

“Ah boy, It’s time to study!”

When faced with a choice between fun and studying, most children will inevitable choose the former.

Children dread going to classes as they envision the mountains of homework and pressure to perform awaiting them.

This is why at Thoughts Box, we strive to create the most conducive learning environment so that they look forward to our classes!

With an opened mind, the learning is half done!

Guided By Our Vision And Mission

Our Vision

To emerge as one of the leading educational hubs in Singapore in the provision of quality educational programmes within a homely environment

Our Mission

Habit Of Learning

We instill a habit of life-long learning in our students. By making learning a fun experience! Learning never stops and developing the habits is all that matters!

Academic Progress

By providing strong support for our students to help them achieve their academic goals. We will always be there to guide them in their academic challenges, through rain or shine.

Second Home

We work closely with parents to understand the challenges their children might have. Doing so while providing the greatest educational value yet with competitive pricing.

Our Journey

How We Started

Thoughts Box Tuition Center is established in 2013, by our founder Miss Katty Chen, with the intention of providing an institution whereby students could learn in a fun and close-knit environment.

Having had several successful years being a private tutor, Katty has realized the most effective way of bringing a student’s grades up is usually through the path of least resistance, the till-now elusive method of combining fun with learning.

Why Is This So?

When faced with a choice between fun and learning, most students will inevitably choose the former. The minority who would choose the latter are usually already self-motivated learners, who are least in need of help. But it is the rest, that we have come to care about and want to help.

Our solution is to infuse fun into the learning process, thereby eliminating the requirement to choose. The result? 

A classroom where the sounds of laughter and voluntary participation blends with the traditional learning sounds of a tutor’s voice and pen on paper. 

The students find coming to the classroom something to look forward to, and when in it find themselves drawn to the education discussion that is constantly ongoing.

What's The Results?

Such a learning process invites and encourages heavy involvement from both the tutors and the students, and when students are so heavily involved in the proceedings, they can’t help but learn. And the results show

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The Best Way To Let Your Children Experience Fun With Learning?

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