Post Heightened Alert Opening Special – June 2021

June 2021 Post-Heightened Alert Opening Special

Is your child using laptops and apps all day?

Are you really sure your child is learning to his/her greatest potential?

We know that COVID-19 has been hard for your child and YOU. Get your child into a physical tuition class with us! We have experienced teachers with curated FREE learning materials provided.

As part of tiding through these hard times with us, we will give your child a FREE TRIAL class*. For friends registering for Bukit Batok class, you can get 50% first month’s tuition fee**!


To enquire for more, drop us a Facebook message at


* Trial class is free with lesson notes provided. Obligation-free except that we accept your child’s attendance. Do understand that if you would like to register another trial after missing attendance, the trial lesson is payable.

** Discount is valid for Bukit Batok physical class sign up only. It will be applicable if you confirm the registration for class within 1 day after the trial class.